1. How do I get to Second Harvest Food Bank?

  We are located at 704 E. Industrial Park Dr., Manteca CA 95337. I would recommend using a Google map to determine the best route from your location.

2. What is the dress code to volunteer?

  Most if not all volunteer work is done in our warehouse so we recommend dressing in layers to accommodate for the weather outside. All shoes must be closed toed, no tank tops, and please wear    something that you would not mind getting dirty. We do provide gloves for our volunteers but if you would like to bring your own you are more than welcome to do so.

3. What is the age requirement to volunteer at SHFB?

  Due to the very busy warehouse environment all volunteers that come to SHFB need to be 18 years or over. If you have volunteers under the age of 18 we may be able to accommodate them in a group setting please contact our volunteer coordinator Jessica Vaughan at 209-239-2091 or jvaughan@secondharvest.org for further information.

4. I am under the age of 18 are there other opportunities available to me?

We recommend that all volunteers under the age of 18 contact local churches, parks and rec departments, boys and girls clubs, and local rest homes to see if they have any volunteer opportunities available. From time to time we also have a need for younger volunteers at our events, please check the events section of our website for more information on upcoming events.

5. I have court ordered community service can I volunteer at the Food Bank?

All court ordered community service is handled through the San Joaquin County Sheriffs Alternative Work Program.

6. I have a small amount of volunteer hours I need to complete for school, what do I do?

   As long as you are over the age of 18 you can work the hours you need to at our Food Bank during normal volunteer hours which are Monday 9-12 and Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-3:00. Please make sure to bring any paperwork that you need to have signed off.

7. I would like to volunteer on Sundays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or other holidays do you have anything available?

Second Harvest Food Bank currently does not offer weekend hours, however we will schedule one Saturday a month for large groups. Holidays our the busiest time of the year at the Food Bank and while we do not provide a direct distribution to the public, we do always have a need for volunteers to assist at the numerous Food Drives that are done throughout that time frame. We are currently working with our agencies to compile a list of those agencies that do provide feedings during the holidays and throughout the year. We may or may not be able to provide you with that information. when you call in.

8. I would like to help serve meals to those in need, where can I go?

Second Harvest Food Bank is a distribution warehouse so we do not serve meals, if you are interested in serving meals we encourage you to reach out the the following food pantries, Gospel Rescue Mission and St. Marys Dining Hall.

9. I would like to assist with special events, how do I go about that?

Currently SHFB has 3 main events that we are in charge of and a handful of events that are put on by others. We always need volunteers for these events and some of the jobs are family friendly please contact Jessica Vaughan at 209-239-2091 or Jvaughan@secondharvest.org for a list of upcoming events.

10. Do you have evening volunteer opportunities?

   SHFB does not offer evening volunteer opportunities we like to give our warehouse staff a chance to rest and recover with their families.

11. May I have a record of my volunteer hours?

  Yes, we keep a record of all of our volunteer hours and can provide you one at anytime. Please remember to make your request at least 1 week prior to needing it so that our volunteer coordinator has time to pull the report and type up your letter.

12. Can I deliver food?

    Currently we only have one food delivery route to homebound Senior Citizens in Tracy. From time to time we do need additional driving coverage on this route. If you are intersted you will need to provide a clean DMV record and proof of insurance prior to driving for us. Please contact Jessica at 209-239-2091 or jvaughan@secondharvest.org

13. Do you accept walk in volunteers?

Yes, all volunteers are welcome at SHFB during our regular volunteer hours Monday from 9-12 and Tuesday/Thursday from 12:30-3:00. If you want to volunteer outside of those hours please contact our volunteer coordinator Jessica Vaughan at 209-239-2091 or jvaughan@secondharvest.org.

14. How far in advance do I need to sign up if I want to volunteer?

No advance notice is necessary unless you are volunteering as part of a large group.

15. Do you only accept group volunteers?

No, we accept both individual and group volunteers

16. What skills are required to volunteer?

Most of our volunteer jobs consist of sorting produce, misc. grocery products, labeling cans etc. so special skills are not required. We do like our volunteers to come in with a positive attitude ready to work and have fun. If you can’t lift heave objects that is fine we have plenty of people to assist with the heavy lifting.

17. I have a special skill set that I think would benefit the Food Bank and I would like to volunteer, how do I go about this?

      If you have special skills that you think would benefit the Food Bank please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Jessica Vaughan at 209-239-2091 or jvaughan@secondharvest.org to discuss what options are available for you.