Wow!!! That was a lot of fun. Thank you everyone for giving us such a great turn out. A special thank you to everyone that got lost on the way there and still made it on time. New residential developments, we have learned, are not updated on navigation apps as quickly as we think they may be. We really appreciate all of you that spent a little extra time getting there.

The weather cooperated, the pancakes were delicious, and everyone had a smile. Your contribution will go on to feed people in our own communities, and events like this help us raise the money and get the word out about those that may be going hungry. j

Thank you once again for River Islands Technology Academy for hosting the event and thank you to all that helped make the day possible. We hope you take time to visit our sponsors. The best way to say thank you for their help is to go by and let them know by patronizing their businesses.

Now, if you were in the 5K, please click on the button below to see your time. Take care everyone and see you next year!

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